My Favourite Makeup Brushes

My favourite makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are one of my favourite things to purchase, I’m not sure why but I really feel like I can never have enough. Now this could be due partially to laziness, as having more brushes means that the time in-between washings is increased. You could in theory do your whole makeup application without a single brush, but I’m of the mind that they greatly improve the process. Even with my extra large brush collection there are a few brushes that I reach for pretty much on the daily. 

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I love to use this brush to apply my blush. Because the brush was designed to pick up little product, it works beautifully with deep coloured pigmented blushes. This brush allows me to get a wash of colour on my cheeks and never looks heavy handed. It reminds of a watercolour, the blush, highlight and contour all blend seamlessly. When applying I dab my brush gently into the blush and then using quick flicks of my wrist apply the colour across my cheeks. I start at the apples and make my wake back towards my ears and hair line, I don’t blend it into my hair line but I head in that direction. I also like to take it up to where I apply my highlight, this works to fuse the colours together.

If you have some pigmented blushes that you are afraid to use because you don’t want to end up looking like a clown, pick up a stippling brush and try out my technique. I think it’ll work for you.

10 Buck Brush Hannah Stippling Brush

Oh look another stippling brush. This one is different than the Real Techniques on in that it’s flatter and not as firm in the bristles. This brush is my favourite highlight brush. I’m not kidding I love it so much that I have 4 of them. I like it because it applies my highlighter softly, again because of it’s duel fibre nature, it doesn’t tend to grab a whole of product at one time. This is especially great when apply a product like a highlighter, where you have theability to build up the intensity as you desire. Due to it’s flatter shape you have a bit more control of where you want to the highlight to go. For me it’s a great brush and I use it pretty much every time I apply my highlight.

Buffing Brushes

As you can see I have a couple of these guys, that’s because they’re my favourite to blend out my concealer. I love the slight dome shape because it allows me to really get into the inner corner of my under eye, which is where I mostly apply my concealer. This type of brush also tends to have more surface space at the head so it can spread more of the concealer, whether I use sweeping or dabbing motions, the larger surface area also makes blending out my concealer easier. I also like to use the large buffing brush to buff in my Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush foundation, I like to use it to add some warmth to my skin.

Bdellium tools and 10 Buck Brush Large and Small Blending Brushes

Blending brushes are the workhorse of makeup application, for pretty much every eye look you will use a blending brush. There are certain techniques you can use to optimize your blending and leave you with a blown out well blended shadow creation. To achieve optimal blending success using a combination of large and small brushes is essential. The large ones of course are great for transition colours and crease colours, whereas the smaller brushes are great for the detail work. Such as if you want to add a colour just below the crease, if you tried to use a larger brush then the colour would get too diffused and you would loose the impact you were going for. A smaller brush can help keep your eyeshadows from getting muddy and looking a hot mess.

Real Techniques Powder Brush

This is a great all over brush. Though it’s large and fluffy it can perform a couple different jobs, it just depends on the effect you want. Firstly it works as a setting powder brush, whether it’s loose or pressed. It doesn’t pack on the colour because that’s not how it’s designed but it applies a light layer. I also like to use it as a blush brush, this gives me a heavier application than my Real Techniques brush does, but it blends it out nicely. It’s good for blushes that are not as intense in colour and pigmentation. Lastly I sometimes like to use this brush to apply my Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Highlighter in Sahara across my cheeks. Using this fluffier brush means that my application of the product is with a lighter hand, because of the nature of the highlighter if I apply too much I can look ashy instead of glowy and fresh.

Red Earth Flat Shader Brush

This is one of the brushes that I’ve had in my collection the longest, a friend gave it to me as a Christmas present almost 10 years ago. I’m not sure what it is about this brush that makes it my favourite brush to apply lid colours with it just is. You know I think it’s because it’s got slight bit of flexibility to it, so it doesn’t feel too stiff and hard. It’s got just the right blend of thickness and flexibility, this means when I’m using it to apply colour it can hug the shape of my eye better and apply the colour smoothly onto my mobile lid. The quality of this brush is also amazing as I said I’ve had this guy for almost 10 years and it’s still looking great.

10 Buck Brush Bronzer Brush

I’m not quite certain why or when I decided that this would be my bronzer brush but it’s perfect for the job. The short slightly curved shape of the bristles makes it easy to get in the hollow of my cheek and along my jaw line. The bristles have a medium density so blending out the bronzer on my cheeks is easy. The shape of the brush reminds me of the Tom Ford powder brush but not as dense.

Bdellium Tools and Crown Brushes Pencil Brush

My favourite thing about these two brushes is how stiff they are, along with the slight curved peak on the bristles. This makes them the perfect tool for my brow routine. I’ve mentioned before but my eyebrow routine is simple, like two shakes of a lambs tail simple. I dab the pencil brush into my brow powder and then swipe it through my brow hairs. The name of the game for me is definition. I just want to deepen the colour of my brows, I don’t change the shape or carve anything out, I simply deepen what is already there. Basically I just want to look like I’ve got brows. These brushes because of there stiffness allow me to apply the brow powder exactly where I want it without going out of the lines of my natural brow shape.

Real Techniques Face Sponge and Beauty Blender Sponge

Now I know that these aren’t brushes but they are an integral part of my makeup routine.The post may or may not be up by the time I publish this one but I mention in my 3 Youtuber Makeup Tips, that Alyssa Ashley suggests softly dabbing your face with the sponge after you’ve used a setting spray or Fix plus. Doing this technique helps all of the powders you’ve applied to your skin to meld together and look more skin like and not as powdery. This leaves my skin looking like skin instead of a cakey makeup mess.

What would you say are your favourite brushes to use in your makeup routine?