Melanin and Makeup | My Fave Blushes for Deep Skin Tones

My favourite blushes for deep skin tones

I’ll admit it I’m a huge blush fan. I’m not sure why but I really like them, even though I have a good 20 or so in my collection already I still have my eye on more. I have quite a few single blushes in the pan that I keep in magnetic palettes but I also have some plush palettes that I really love. I tend to pick up blushes that are a bit brighter because I know that they’ll show up on my complexion, when I get a shade that’s a bit more muted or neutral it tends to blend into my skin or look ashy neither of which is ideal.

While my blush collection is fairly large, I don’t have that many palettes, so I’ve picked 3 from different brands that I can trust when I reach for them. By that I mean, I don’t have to worry about pigmentation, colour choices or how well it blends.

Blush Palettes

Sleek Blush By 3 | Lace

This was one of my first blush palettes that I ever purchased.It’s full of one of my favourite colours to wear, peachy corals. The quality of Sleek brushes is amazing especially when you consider the price, I believe that this blush was $12 and I got it on sale, so there was a discount applied. The palette has 2 matte shades and a shimmer, I find the matte blushes to be creamy in texture, they have great colour payoff and layer well to build intensity. The shimmer is a bit drier in texture but just as pigmented. They wear well and tend to last through the day on my oily skin.

Nars | Unfiltered 1 Cheek Palette

I love this palette, the quality of Nars blushes just can’t be denied. In fact Nars was the first high end brand that I purchased a blush from, actually they were the first brand period that I purchased a pressed blush from be it drugstore or high end. ( I say pressed because I used loose mineral blushes before then). This palette has you completely covered depending on what ever look you’re going for, if it’s dramatic, you’ve got Exhibit A which is a vibrant fiery red, if it’s a softer, gentler look you want then you’ve got Out There and Chic. My personal favourites though are Exhibit A, Take Over and Me First, the latter two are more on the highlight side of things but they make the list for me.

Juvia’s Place | The Saharan Blush Vol. 1

Point blank, this is a gorgeous palette. I love to use Aby to lightly contour or drape as they call it now (that is using blush to contour). I also reach for Neo a great deal, and Zane a little bit but Aby and Neo are my two faves in this palette. Overall I find the pigmentation and depth of the colours to be great, I have no concern about whether or not the shades will be deep enough to show up on my skin tone. The blushes feel a bit drier and aren’t dusty in the least. Even though they have great colour pay off, you are able to build up the intensity if you use a light hand when applying them. I also enjoy Vol. 2 of this blush palette but more so for the highlighters.

Berry Toned Single Blushes

Inglot | #63 AMC Face Blush

This little guy packs a punch. It’s a nice warm raspberry tone, that doesn’t feel too creamy or dry. I find this blush to be very pigmented so using a light hand is a must unless you want to look like a clown. You want to be careful that you don’t apply too much at once because it will take a bit of blending to soften it out. This is a matte blush

La Femme | Magenta

Just as the name says this is a rich magenta shade. it’s packed with colour and definitely makes a statement when it’s applied. This blush has a dry texture and is blendable, again this is one that you want to use a light hand with and build up the colour bit by bit. It’s a saturated blush with big impact. This is a matte blush

La Femme| Rose Chiffon

This is a blue toned bright berry pop that leans more pink, almost fuchsia. It’s got a satin finish with a little bit of a purple shift to it. The shift is very subtle though, but I think that’s what it gives this blush it’s soft shine. Not to repeat myself but it’s very pigmented and creamy, it does have a bit of fall out since it’s so creamy.

Pink and Coral Blushes

La Femme | Coral

This is a matte true coral blush. In the pan it looks to have small flecks of shimmer but when applied they don’t show. Since I’ve already waxed poetic about the previous La Femme blush, I won’t go into how pigmented this guy is, I will however mention that it’s a great price for the quality, actually it’s just a great price. La Femme blushes were formulated for industry professionals where performance and pigmentation is important. You’ll find them online for less than $4 a shade.

La Femme | Golden Rose

This is a beautiful pink toned coral blush with gold reflects. It’s very dry and can get a bit of hard pan sometimes. When applied to the skin its a beautiful soft duo chrome that warms up my skin, and leaves me looking glowy and flush, which is generally what you want a blush to do. 

Makeup Geek | Summer Fling

This colour reminds of orange creamsicle, it’s a soft almost pastel matte orange. The texture is a bit on the dry side with a hint of creaminess, so it picks up on the brush well but isn’t overly dusty. This blush does need to be layered to build up the colour when I apply it, even though it leans more to the pastel side it doesn’t pull ashy or grey on me.

La Femme | Peach Sparkle

This is a pink toned coral with fine shimmer in it. The shimmer is visible on the skin when applied but it’s subtle and doesn’t call too much attention to itself. This blush is a bit powdery so you do want to take care when applying, as with most La Femme blushes a light hand is the best application strategy.

Mauve Blush

Makeup Geek | Covet

This is nice warm mauve that has a bit of a sheen. The blush in the pan has fine shimmer, so when it’s applied to the skin it makes the skin look glowy and healthy. It’s a great everyday blush, if you’re running errands or just want to keep your look minimal, for deeper skin tones this is a great colour. The texture is creamy, with smooth application, it also blend well. I would once again suggest using a light hand and layering to build intensity.

Do you like wearing blush, if so what are your favourites