Melanin and Style | Rainy Day Essentials

April showers bring May flowers.

It’s April otherwise known as the month of rain. While our winter here in Ontario wasn’t typical, I will say that so far our spring has been. So when you’re heading out, you should be prepared for the possibility of rain. I tend to check the forecast before I head out because I don’t want to be caught unawares. Yes that might sometimes mean that I look bundled up unnecessarily but when the rain starts falling, I will be nice and dry.

Here are a few of my rainy day essentials

Beige trench coat

I’ve had this trench coat for years, I picked it up on sale from H&M and I love it. It doesn’t have the traditional trench silhouette in that the bottom is a bit flared giving the coat a more feminine feel.

Tan knee high boots

I love these boots, the leather as aged over the years getting a bit darker and richer in colour. One of the great things about these boots are that they are water resistant. Meaning I’ve never had my feet get soaked wearing these.

Black Knee High boots

I really like the small heel on these boots, they too are water proof. They’re a bit more rugged looking as the material isn’t smooth but slightly textured.

Combat boots

These boots are a great option when I don’t want to wear knee highs but still need to keep my feet dry. They’ve never failed me and have weathered the years well.


So I’ll start by saying that I really like umbrellas, they’re a random item but so necessary. The umbrella I use depends on whether or not it’s raining when I leave my home. If the rain is coming down then I prefer a larger umbrella, preferably one that has an automatic open and close button otherwise I’ll grab a smaller one that can fit in my bag. When it starts to rain I’ll pull it out.

Plastic bag

I got this idea from Target. When it rained they would have plastic sleeves at the front of the store for your umbrella, I thought it was a great idea. So now whenever I head out and it’s raining or theres a chance of rain I make sure to put a plastic bag in my handbag to store my wet umbrella.


Water proof or water resistant bag

This is great for obvious reasons, if you’re umbrella isn’t big enough or if it’s super windy having a water proof/ resistant bag ensures that your stuff doesn’t get soaked or damaged from the water. Trust me it’s happened to me before so having something that keeps the water out is a must.

Hooded sweater

If it’s fairly warm while it’s raining then I won’t add a sweater under my coat, but if it’s a bit colder then having a sweater with a hood just offers added protection agains the rain, plus it keeps you warm.

What I’m Missing

A rain coat

Long ago I had the most amazing rain coat, it was a rain coat and bag pack in one. If I didn’t need the coat I could stuff it into the bag and just wear it as a bag pack. When I wore it as a coat the back pack was still there like a built in. Alas I lost it. I am on the look out for a nice rain coat, haven’t seen one that I like not that you see that many rain coats to be honest.

Rain boots

I had a couple sets of rain boots, but I never wore them so I donated them. I need a pair that is lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy or floppy on my feet. 

Even though the month is almost over I don’t think we’ll be leaving the rain behind us. What are your rainy day essentials?