Melanin and Makeup | Fall 2017 Makeup

Makeup for Fall 2017 - Nars Banc De Sable, Queen of Hearts and Juvia's Place

Colour wise fall is great for rich jewel tones and warm full bodied shades. Eyeshadow can be a bit more intense more depth and smokiness around the outer corners. Blushes and contours can also be stronger if so desired. 

The tone of fall isn't fresh faced and sweet it's sultry and sexy in the words of Beyoncé it's 'a grown woman, doing what she wants'. 

I plan to switch my highlight to something a bit bronzy, application might be a bit stronger as well not so much of the glow from within like I did in summer. But a warm shimmer that suits my skin tone. 

Lips in fall tend to be vampy and dramatic with deep browns and rich maroons, in this area though I'll buck that trend and stick with my neutral gloss as that's what I prefer. I may occasionally pull out a blackened plum or oxen blood but that will not be often. 

Eyeshadow Palettes

I think that the Queen of Hearts palette from Coloured Raine is absolutely perfect for fall, it’s got all the shades that personify fall, plums, oranges, browns and a red or two. The quality of these shadows is amazing, pigmentation, longevity and blending are all on point. It used to be limited edition but it’s now been made part of their permanent collection.

The next palette that comes to mind is the Lorac Mega Pro 3, the palette is essentially shades of bronze and brown, but it makes it easy to create a warm tone neural look with little fuss. True your look will just be variations of the same thing but if you’ve already got the palette then fall is a great time to pull it out.

The last palette in my collection that I think is great for fall is alas another limited edition one, the Kat Von D Metal Matte.I chose this palette because I think it has a great assortment of jewel tones and colour rich shades. Whether you want to go dark and smokey or warm and vampy.

Blushes and Contour

The first blushes that come to mind are in my Juvia’s Place blush palette, which I have mentioned a few times. I think the colour palette is great for fall, deep rich maroon tones, with an orange and pink thrown in, it also contains some warm bronze highlighters. This is a great all in one palette.

For an individual blush I really like the Inglot #63 AMC Face blush. It’s a nice berry tone, that’s got great pigmentation and staying power. The Sleek Blush by 3 Flame palette is also another one I plan to reach for more, it’s on the red end of the spectrum, but I think the colours are great for this time of year.

My contour routine is staying pretty much the same. I did recently purchase the ABH cream contour palette in dark which I’ve been enjoying so far. So the palette paired with a few Makeup Geek single pan contour shades will be what I’m using. I still prefer a more toned down contour look, but I find that it’s easy to achieve with cream products.


Apart from the afore mentioned highlighters in the Saharan blush palette, I plan to use my Makeup Geek highlighters a lot this season. Ablaze, Firework and Ignite all look and work great with my skin tone and will illuminate my skin without going overboard. As much as I want to glow and shine I don’t want to beam. The Nars Banc De Sable will be another palette that I plan to use through fall and into winter.

 I haven’t mentioned any bronzers and that’s mainly because I want to purchase one that is a bit darker and will show more on my skin. 

Well that’s it for my fall makeup plans. Are there any standout products that you plan to use this season?