Makeup Is My Kryptonite

That’s one of the things I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.
— Beyonce

If spending money on anything it’ll be makeup. For some reason I don’t have a problem spending my money on makeup products like I do with other things i’m interested in. I’ll have some skin care items in a cart for months before I bite the bullet but makeup, let me think about it for a couple of days and I’ve convinced myself with very little hassle, and before you know it I’ve got a package on it’s way to me.

for the love of makeup

I think part of it is the gratification factor. When I buy makeup it's a happy pleasant thing that generally offers almost instant gratification. Is it a new powder, I can pack it on easily some new eyeshadows well those can bequickly searched. A new lip gloss, I can simply apply it to my lips no fuss no worries. 

makeup is my weakness

However if I buy a pair of shoes or maybe even a bag I can get the visceral satisfaction just looking at it but to use it I have to think about how to style it what to pair it with. Am I planning to go anywhere how soon can I wear them out of the house because simply putting them on feet or swinging it over my arm isn't enough. 

makeup love

There's just something about makeup that touches and gets past my guard real easily.  With makeup I have to talk my self down from making purchases whereas with other things simply looking at the price maybe enough to have me putting the purchase on pause or even delete. 

makeup is my kryptonite

Articulating why makeup is my choice is hard. With makeup its not an if I will purchase it but rather when I will purchase it. So for me the problem then becomes narrowing down the list of things I want to and will buy. 

Just like kryptonite makes Superman weak, makeup makes me weak.

What's your weakness?