Makeup Confessions | Cake Face and Loving It?

Recently, as in the last few months I've really got into doing my face makeup. My routine before pretty much just consisted of 2 concealers layered and then some setting powder, I've bulked it up a bit. I'm adding layers on layers and I kinda love it.

When did I become a lover of cake face though to be fair my face doesn't look cakey at all, which is just a little surprising considering how many layers I add.

Setting Sprays

The Liquids/Creams

Some mornings I add a primer some mornings I don't. In the summer I didn't typically add one because my sunscreen worked fairly well as a primer. After that I like to apply my Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer in NC50 which has an orange tone to it, which I feel is too much when I wear it alone. However it works well as a colour corrector balancing out the darkness underneath my eyes. 

After that I like to apply the CoverFx Natural foundation , though this one is actually for normal to dry skin I like to use it because it's so lightweight and the finish is skin like. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my skin, it doesn't feel like anything really. Like the pro long wear concealer I apply a small amount just to my under eye area, and then blend it out carrying down and across my cheeks. 

I follow this by applying my Tarte Shape Tape in Deep again just a light amount under my eye area and a wee bit down the bridge of my nose. I like to apply the Urban Decay Concealer in Medium neutral on top of the shape tape. Then I let them dry down, this is a trick I learned from Jackie Aina. When it's nearly dry I gently blend it out with my brush, applying some to my eyelids and again spreading the rest across and down my cheeks. I make sure to blend the edges well so that I don't have any demarcation lines on my face. 

Setting Powders

I try not to take any of the products too far down my face, because then I end up having problems. The center of my face is lighter than the perimeter, so if I take the lighter colour too far out, then my skin won't match my chest.


After I've blended everything out to my satisfaction, I then apply a translucent powder. Lately I've been using a powder from Nude by Nature, which I've been enjoying. Before that I used the Stellar Cosmic Haze loose Finishing Powder, which I also liked, even though it's not technically meant to be used to set makeup.

I like to use a light layer of loose powder before apply anything else, another tip I learned from YouTuber Destiny Godley. When you apply a base powder first it makes easier to apply other powders on top which isn't a new technique or anything. But instead of applying a highlight powder for my under eyes that can then get cakey and sink into every line under my eye. I apply the translucent, giving the highlight powder better structure to rest on.

Speaking of highlight powder, sometimes I'll use the Kat Von D Lock it Powder in Golden, just a little bit as I don't want my under eye to be too bright. Not a fan of that look. At this stage I'll apply my Oil Controlling spray from Skindanavia. If I want to be real extra I'll add a bit of my Mac Fix Plus Matte.

You'd think I'm done, but nope I'm not, I've got some more powders to layer on my face. This is where I lightly dust on my Milk Makeup Matte Blur powder, it melts into my face beautifully that often I can't tell that it's there. I use the deepest powder. If I feel like I still look a bit shiny then I add a bit of mattifying powder from Mattify Cosmetics, just to the those shine rich areas. Which tend to be around my nose and slightly on my cheek

finishing spray and powder

Finishing Up

After this is all done then I move onto my brows, apply any blush, contour and highlight that I might wear and maybe do my eyeshadow. One of my last steps is to spray my face the with Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray just to keep everything in place, though I do tend to get a bit oily during the day, but nothing runs or fades away on me. I wrap it all up with my eyeliner and mascara which I like to apply after the setting spray.

And there you have it my cake day makeup that doesn't actually look like cake face. Before you ask, no my face doesn't feel heavy. I'm not using anything that's super full coverage though I wouldn't mind finding a concealer that is full coverage and doesn't leave my under eyes a mess. With the light powders and sprays in between everything it helps to keep me from looking powdery or over done. In all honesty If I just do my brows and swipe on mascara it looks like a soft dewy no makeup, makeup look.

It's been my go to for the most part, sometimes I'll cut down products like just one concealer but I prefer how I look when everything is applied.

There you have it my first makeup confession.

What's a makeup confession that you want to make?