Lets Compare | Nars Loaded vs Jouer Essential Eyeshadow Palette

Nars vs Jouer

The first time I saw the Nars Loaded eyeshadow palette it reminded me a lot of the Jouer Essential palette, which side note many said reminded them of the Viseart Netural Mattes palette. However at the time I didn’t have the Jouer palette so I couldn’t do any swatches to compare.


At first glance the palettes resemble each other and share that familiar warm toned vibe. The palette layout and structure also look quite a like, well the inside does anyway. The exterior of the palettes are in no way similar to one another, the Nars packaging as you can see is a warm reflective amber gold while the Jouer one is a satin black with black on black animal print (not sure how that ties into the overall them of the palette but okay)

Structurally the Nars is more sound and feels heavier. It’s also a bit smaller in size than the Jouer palette. Both palettes have a clasp closure

Shades and Swatches

The difference between the two palettes is really seen once you start swatching. I tried my best to pair up the corresponding colours that are in each palette. When they are swatched side by side you can see that they in no way resemble each other. Even when the shades are similar in colour like Alnwick and Sepia you can see that they are nothing alike. The tones are completely different. There are no shades that I would say are possible dupes in either palette.

Overall I feel like the Jouer Essential Matte and Shimmer palette leans a little bit more to the cool side where the Nars Narsissist Loaded palette has warmer undertones.


I know the obvious would be to say that the Nars palette has better quality, and while it does the Jouer palette isn’t slacking at all. In fact in a few cases the Jouer shadows performed better than the Nars one, Licorice swatched darker and felt a bit creamer than Reale. I will say that the Jouer shadows are more powdery and had more kick back and fall out than the Nars palette. 

As you can see in the swatches for the most part all of the shades did well except for Montaillou, which might be because I dropped my palette and broke that shade.

Both palettes of a combination of matte and shimmer shades, though the shimmers in the Nars palette were creamier, applied smoother and were more pigmented.


I wore each palette on my eyes for about 8 hours and found that even with my oily lids, the shades lasted long and didn’t crease on me. I did use an eyeshadow primer, but I always do when I’m wearing eyeshadows otherwise they won’t last any time. I didn’t notice any fading.

The shadows from both palettes, the Loaded and the Essential applied well to the lid, both blended well and I experienced no fall out from either palette. I was able to build and layer each of the shades nicely with no problems, I will say that the shimmers in the Nars Loaded palette were a bit more vibrant and reflective than the shimmers in the Jouer Essential’s Palette.


Nars vs Jouer

The Nars Loaded eyeshadow palette retails for $59 USD and the Jouer Essential Matte and Shimmer palette retails for $40 USD.

The loaded palette contains .48 oz or 13.60 grams of products where as the Jouer Essential palette is .59 oz or 16.72 grams.

The Loaded palette has six vibrant high shine shimmers, one satin and four creamy mattes. The Essential palette has four soft shimmers and eight satin matte shadows ( they all have a tiny bit of shimmer in them but don’t apply to the eye as a shimmer).


If I had to choose one, I would go with the Nars Loaded palette, I like that the shimmers are vibrant and apply that way. Even though the palette is comprised just of neutral shades I can still get a high impact look. The Jouer Essential’s palette is still something that I would recommend, but more so if you prefer softer more muted looks. The shades are a little light in pigmentation but this makes it great for building the intensity to your desired level.

I think that these two palettes would work well together, because the shades that are matte in the Loaded aren’t necessarily matte in the Essential’s palette. If you already own both then this is a way you could use them more. If you own either the Loaded or the Essential then I would say it’s totally not necessary to own the other palette. You’re not missing much colour wise.

Even though the Essential palette can hold it’s own in quality and performance I think that the Nar’s Loaded outperforms it.

All in all while I would say that visually the palettes look similar they are by no means dupes of each other.

Do you own either the Nars Loaded or the Jouer Essential, if so what do you like about the palette?