Indie and Melanin | New Releases

As someone who probably spends far too much time on Instagram, I often see sneak peaks from brands about new products that they are about to release. Sometimes the peaks are annoying because they draw it out and prolong it, so any anticipation you had has faded.

That being said there are a few products that are set to release soon that I'm anticipating.

Sydney Grace | Royalty Palette

Photos courtesy of Sydney Grace Co Instagram

I think this might be the palette that has me finally biting the bullet and making my first order from this brand. While I'm at I might through in a single shadow or two that I've had my eye. Back to the point, Sydney Grace is releasing their first eyeshadow palette and I'm excited. They've shown some swatches of a few shades already and they look juicy.

The only thing that makes me hesitant to purchase is the shipping, so I might just ship it out to the house of one of my aunt's that live in the states. The downside to this is that I don't when I would get the palette, so far there are no plans in the works for them to visit us or for us to visit them. Oh wait, I think my sister's are heading down for American Thanksgiving. So if the palette releases and ships before then I'll be golden.

Dominque Cosmetics | Berries & Cream

Photos Courtesy of Dominique Cosmetics Instagram

So far for this palette we've seen a rich burgandy sleeve. I'm certain that my love for oxblood, maroon or burgundy- whichever name you want to call that rich red,plumy purple tone. They also showed a picture with the new shape there pans will be, which is a small thing to be excited about, I mean it just a pan shape.

As long as the shape doesn't result in me having less product.I have one palette from Dominic Cosmetics already, the Lemonade palette and although I haven't been able to play in it as much as I want to, the forays that I've made have been good so far. I did get the second batch of palettes that weren't pressed as tightly so the pigmentation concern hasn't been an issue for me.I know that it's a little pre-mature to add the palette to my list since the colours haven't actually been revealed. I will re-assess at the time of launch and see if this palette still has my attention.


As you can see I’ve added the photo of what the inside of the palette looks like, I’m currently undecided on whether or not I will be purchasing it. The quality of Dominique Cosmetics is good, but I’ll wait for a few reviews and swatches.

At the time of this posting the Royalty palette has not been shown in its entirety, which is annoying, I just want to see the palette.