Holiday Releases| I Might Just Have to Spend My Money On

If you’re like me, you spend far too much time stalking the Instagram pages for new makeup releases. I’ve seen a few upcoming holiday products that have me a bit excited. So far there is one palette that I know I will pick up, on launch day I will be ready. 

Is it a bit early for holiday releases probably, Summer isn’t actually over yet, as a matter of fact, we’re still getting 40 Degree Celsius weather where I am. It seems to be the way the market is trending though, start it earlier and earlier each year to extend the buying time, lets hope that they have enough stock for everybody.

For the most part I don’t go crazy for holiday releases, I don’t need a 30 pan eyeshadow palette full of brown shades with one or two pop colours. No thank you, I’m good. As I said before, these few products have me excited. Let’s begin shall we.

All photos are taken from Instagram

HourGlass Cosmetics | Unlocked Palette

This is the first year that I think I’ll be able to make a holiday palette purchase from Hourglass. Why you ask, well because the shades look like they might just work on my deeper complexion and I am all here for it. For years I’ve been hearing about how good these powders are, the face powder, the blushes even the bronzer but there’s never been anything suitable for my skin tone. This year though, this palette might be coming home with me. I’ve seen the colours in the pan, but I want to see some swatches. Not going to lie to you, I’m 90% sure that I’m buying this.

Too Faced | Sugar Peach Face Palette

Guys I think I just like this palette because of the packaging and that’s no reason to buy makeup or anything. I mean the colours don’t look bad when swatched, I’m not too fond of that orange sparkle filled colour but it looks like it can work with my skin tone. The bronze shade does look gorgeous though. The swatches look creamy and nice, yes I realize that one is applying their highlight that heavily, but it still looks nice though. I’m going to keep an  eye on this guy and hope that it goes on sale. I would definitely buy it if it went on sale for the right price

Laura Mercier | Magic Hour Face Illuminator Palette 

I might be more into highlighters than I think or maybe I'm just caught by the packaging. I've got a few Laura Mercier products in my makeup collection. I've got to say that the Laura Mercier Magic Hour Face Illuminator Palette has caught my attention. Do I need another highlight palette, not at all, but I feel like the colours will work well on my skin tone. So I think that's been one of my reasons for everything on my list so far, 'it works for my skin tone'. Suitability is a major think. If I can hold out and if stock remains for it to go on sale. Because if I see this in the sale section of Sephora, I will own it.

Becca | Volcano Goddess Eyeshadow Palette

I’ll be honest with you, I’m a bit iffy on this one. If you’ve seen the promo pics then you know that the packaging for this palette looks beautiful, it’s very geode slice. The inside of the palette has left me feeling underwhelmed though, like the colours really aren’t saying much to me. I will say that the swatches look quite metallic and wet, which I like. I think they would look nice on the eyes. To be fair, since this is a holiday palette, the deeper slightly smokier shades do make some sense. After all most people don’t wear bright corals and pinks to Holiday and Christmas parties. It’s deep plums and smoky greys, so the shade selection makes a lot of sense. Like pretty much everything on this list, I’ll probably pick this up if it goes on sale and a decent price. It’s not something that is necessary to my collection nor am I totally in love with it.

I’m certain that most of the products on this list won’t go on sale, so If I want it, I’ll be picking it up for full price. Nothing on here is essential to my collection or even in general but If I were to hazard my guess, depending on how swatches and reviews go for the Hourglass and Too Faced palettes, I’ll probably pick them up.

Are there any holiday releases that have caught your eyes so far? Is there anything that has left you feeling underwhelmed?