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my natural hair

I would describe my hair as kinky coliy, I don’t exactly have curls per se, but sometimes when my hair feels like I can manage a curl or two.My hair is prone to dryness, fairy knots and split ends. If the term fairy knots sounds strange to you, it simply means that due to the coily nature of my hair it tends to twist and curl into itself which results in single strand knots. Even after many years of experimenting I still haven’t been able to develop a routine that I’m completely satisfied with. I have learned a few things though. Here are a few of the things that I’ve found has made a big difference in the overall health of my hair.


I think this is one of the most important things you can do for your hair. Whether you have tightly coiled highly texturized hair or loose waves and curls. Moisturize will no doubt be your hairs best friend. Your hair’s preferred state of being is moisturized, how light or heavy you go will depend on your unique hair needs, but if you want to minimize breakage and fight against split ends, showing your hair some love will be necessary.

My hair is tightly coiled and highly texturized so moisture and more moisture is the name of the game for me, I don’t worry about ‘weighing’ my hair down because it’s honestly not a concern for me, since my hair is usually in a protective style. Applying layers of moisture is always better, this way you can gage how much you need and don’t have to worry about over doing it.

What is your hair’s preferred state

You might wonder what I mean by preferred state, well for myself I find that when my I have my hair style in an afro type style it tends to feel drier and get more tangled. Even If I moisturized my strands well, once they hit the open air it just starts losing moisture. So for the most part I like to keep my hair in twists or braids, these styles help to lock in the moisture and keep my hair feeling softer.

Some peoples hair will flourish and thrive in whichever way they style it, whether it’s tucked away under a wig cap or flowing free in flexi- rod set. You’ve got to pay attention to how your hair feels when it’s in a particular style and go from there. For the last few months I’ve kept my hair in simple braided plaits making sure to moisture ever other day or so. In this style they’ve been thriving and I’ve seen growth. Sure I miss doing flexi- rod sets and twist outs, but I’ll take healthy hair over style. Though I still do a one two twist out every now and then.

Be Gentle

This might be stating the obvious but you’ve got to be gentle with your hair. Especially if your hair is tightly coiled and kinky. It can often get frustrating trying to untangle hair that seems to be in perpetual knots, but trust me you do your no favours when you rip apart knots and snap the comb through your hair. 

If it’s possible stretch out your wash day, doing part on one day and completing the rest on the next day, this way you don’t try your patience. Because we both know that it’s likely we’ll get frustrated and at that point soft and gentle gets thrown out the window, the name of the game then becomes get it done and get it done quick.

What are some tips that you’ve found make a positive difference in your hair care routine.