Fall Colour Palette | Hunter Green

I'm not sure about you but each season there are a few colours that I'm drawn to more so than usual. This yeah I've noticed that along with my usual forest green, navy and maroon mustard yellow has caught my eye. I'm not sure yet how I would style it but I like it. I think if done well it's a colour that you can carry forward in years to come. 

So an idea came to me and I'm not sure how to title it but essentially I want to create targeted colour collages of my fave fall colours and make individual posts about it. I'll start with my year round fave forest green or hunter green. Which ever you want to call it. 

You know I can wax poetic about colours and shades so I'll try not to be too extra when I describe what the green shade feels like to me when I think of fall. 

Green trees endless fields, horses on the trail of fervent hunt dogs tirelessly tracking their prey. It’s the hunter moving swiftly through trees of deepest green and brightest reds. It's the joy of hay rides through apple orchards and the scent of harvest. It's form and poise. Refined with an edge. It's rich and vibrant full of depth and dimension, full of movement.