7 Of My Favourite Things

7 of my favourite things.

I generally don’t have favourites, why because I tend to get tired of things pretty quickly. Variety unfortunately is constantly needed in my life, which may lead you to think that I live an exciting life, I don’t. Anyhow since my tolerance for repetition is low, I find it difficult to narrow down what my ‘favourites’ are, I have come to find though that there are just some things that never get old, that I never get tired of.

These are in no particular order.

1.     My Skin

I love the feel of my skin in the morning, after I wash away my moisturizers and sleep mask. It just feels so soft and smooth. It feels moisturized and healthy. I credit the use of BHA and AHA for taking my skin to the next level of softness and improved skin texture both visually and physically.

2.     Petrichor

The smell of rain when it first hits the warm pavement. I don’t know why I love this smell so much, but I do. I want to roll around it and smell like it always. It doesn’t smell masculine of feminine to me, it’s earthy and comfy and kinda feels like home, if that makes sense.

The scientific definition is not so pretty, but essentially decomposed organic matter from soil becomes airborne, it lands on dirt, rocks and pavement which contain minerals. The minerals and organic matter combine, like a molecular soup, when it starts to rain, the raindrops send the chemical airborne, and that is the story of petrichor.

3.     Creating

There is something magical about creating, taking a thought, building it into an idea and from there conception. It completely alters how you look at things. Often times, when I see certain things, like Kombucha (a fermented tea) for instance, it has a ton of great benefits for you internally but it can also be used externally as well.

So when I look at it I see the potential to make a shampoo or a toner (properly preserved of course). Because there are so many forms that creating comes in you can never get bored with it really. For me creating is formulating and making bath and body products, making handmade soap, makeup and drawing. I would like to knit and crochet but those will come.

4.     Reading

 I truly think that reading might be my first love. It engages me on so many levels. I’ve been reading novels recreationally since I was in grade 5 and my teacher caught me reading Little Women during a math lesson.

I tend to stick to the Romance and Sci-Fi genres, though there are both pretty fast and there is a lot spans this range. You can have Sci-Fi Romance, Romantic Thriller, and Historical Romance etc.

There are some authors that I just love, Shelly Laurenston, Jayne Ann Krentz, Nalini Singh. If I see a new book from them I pretty much grab it immediately, no need to read the blurb. I’m pretty certain that I will enjoy it.

5.     Black and White Photographs

There’s something so emotional to me about black and white photographs, maybe the lack of colour forces you to focus on the composition and the subject, so it becomes less about what is visually appealing and sometimes distracting, but more about what the photographer wanted to say. It simplifies it don’t to the basics, it removes the fluff and the unnecessary and just gives you the core.

I’m not certain what it is, I just know that I connect with black and white photos on a level where they feel like they are speaking to my heart, even if it’s just a photo of a lone tree.

Black and white photography  | credits: Alicia C.

Black and white photography  | credits: Alicia C.

6.     Teaching and discussing

I’m not sure if it’s the older sister in me or what, but I really love to teach and to inform. I like sitting down and reasoning with people, preferably youth’s and my contemporaries. It could be because they aren’t as set in their ways yet like older adults, and so are open to opinions other than their own, I just find that I vibe better with them.

There is a moment when you’re teaching somebody something they had no idea about and you see them start to understand something that seemed so far out of their grasp before. Likewise I enjoy learning too, but if I were honest I prefer to teach, my passion lies in that.

7.     Research

There is something about digging into a new topic and broadening your knowledge base. There a ton of things that through research I’ve taught myself. Things like how to make soap, how to make lotions and shampoos and conditioners, for a brief time I taught myself how to knit, I realized however that for this one I need an actual person to teach me, my tension was just off and no amount of watching youtube could help.

Sometimes I find that I enjoy researching my topic but then actually making the product I was researching. I truly enjoy learning and with the wealth of topics and subject available don’t see myself stopping in the near future.

That being said, there are somethings that independent learning just doesn’t give, like support. 

'Till next time,