4 Tips To Help You When Buying Makeup


Makeup is a rabbit hole that when you fall into it is difficult to escape. There are so many colours and so many different products that making sound buying choices can be difficult.

the art of buying makeup

Know Your Needs

Like skincare there is a wide range of makeup available, one of the things that can help you cross a product off your buy list is whether or not it suits your needs. Now this may be hard if you are a die hard fan of makeup but it might still help a bit. If you don’t purchase makeup regularly thing about what you want the makeup for? If you’re new to makeup then you might not want a full face of makeup right off the bat, you’d start off small and then bit by bit add to it. You also want to think of how much time you want to commit to applying makeup, if you only have 15 minutes in the morning then that extensive contour and highlight routine won’t work too well for you.

Some questions you can ask yourself, what type of look do you prefer, do you like minimal makeup or full out dramatic, do you enjoy or dislike applying a certain product, even knowing your skin type will help when making the decision whether or not to purchase. For myself I love looking at lip products I just don’t put them on, I can have 10 lip glosses and I might reach for 2, so it doesn’t make sense for me to keep purchasing lip products even though they look good because I won’t wear them, it would be a waste of my money.

Understand Your Undertones

Because makeup is a coloured product, you will have to deal with undertones. First knowing and understanding what your own undertone is will further help you to understand what the undertone of your makeup products are. Everything from lip stick to blush has an undertone. Undertones are generally grouped into Warm, Neutral or Cool. There are some sub categories but that’s another post. Knowing your undertone will help you determine if the product you are considering will look good on your skin.

Sometimes if you have a warm undertone a product with a cool undertone won’t look the best on you, like wise if you have a cool undertone a warm toned eyeshadow palette maybe too much for you. Having this understanding will again help you determine which products you can cross off your buy list, regardless of how popular and well loved it is.


Going to trusted sources is always a good idea when you’re considering making a purchase. With YouTube and blogs getting that information is much easier and faster. If for some reason you don’t have access to it or it’s not readily available in your area then doing the leg work before making a purchase will serve you well. This research can help you see how the colours look on skin tone similar to yours, how the pigmentation of the product is, the lasting power and any other peculiarities that might pop up like scent. Doing this research can also help you determine if you already have similar shades or similar products in your makeup collection. Unless it’s your favourite colour a duplicate may not be necessary.


With the rise of social media many brands have launched campaigns that aim to convince you how awesome their product is. Because of this many products are hyped well before their launch date, making it the most desired product on most peoples wish list. Like Skincare doing your research and measuring the product up against your own checklist of needs is important, this will help give you perspective.

Do you have any tips when it comes to buying makeup?

PS. If this post seems familiar it's because it was part of a larger post, I felt that each category got lost so I'm going to present each as it's own blog post.